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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale #nsale

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It's that time of year again! The time we have all been waiting for to shop the new season of styles and goodies from one of the most anticipated sales of the year!

I'll be linking some of my favorites from each category! I either have these items, will be buying them or I've heard good things about them!

If you're not able to shop yet, you can add all the items you're wanting to a wish list so everything is ready to be added to your cart!

First up:

Women's Clothing:

There are so many good options! These are just some of my favorites!

They had this top below last year too and I picked it up in all 3 colors. This year I'll be grabbing a new white one.

You all know how I love my coin necklaces. I had to link the two I'll be purchasing!

Next up is Beauty!

This is my favorite deodorant! It is not all natural so I do not wear it every day. I love to wear it when I go out because it smalls heavenly and works better than any deodorant I've tried. It's usually $29 for one so this is an amazing deal!

I've head so much about this exfoliating treatment being amazing. I'll definitely be picking up one of these!

Tula is another one I keep hearing amazing things about. I'll be picking up this kit of full size products for sure!


Handbags & Accessories

For the Home

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