About Me

Hi Loves! My name is Jenn! I've been wanting to create this blog for so long and finally forced myself to sit down and get to it! I've been vlogging and have a channel on YouTube for about a year now, search: Jenn Shell Vlog on YouTube to find me. Although I love vlogging, it is hard for me to keep up with, so now I will primarily focus on this blog and my instagram. 


absolutely love fashion! I owned a clothing boutique in our downtown for 6 years. I recently closed it because I was ready for a change. Owning a store front was rewarding but expensive and a lot of work. I made the choice to close and continue my love for fashion by starting an Instagram page and by creating this blog. My blog will also include lifestyle topics, such as, home decor, decorating, recipes and travel. All of my favorite things!


I hope you enjoy! You can follow me on Instagram by clicking the link above or search: jennshellvlogs  

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